Whole Milk Powder



Product Information

Hoosier Hill Farm Whole Milk Powder, made from 100% hormone-free whole milk, is great to have on hand for cooking, baking, or any time you need a refreshing glass of milk. High in protein and rich in nutrients, Whole Milk Powder has a sweet, pleasing flavor, just like fresh milk.

How To Use Whole Milk Powder: Add to smoothies and milkshakes for extra creaminess and protein. Blend into soups and sauces for a rich, velvety texture. Add dried whole milk to homemade baking mixes and hot cocoa mix.

Mixing Instructions for Liquid Milk: To make one gallon of whole milk, mix 4 1/2 cups of dried whole milk with 14 1/2 cups of warm water. We recommend using a whisk, milk frother, or hand mixer for a smooth and creamy consistency every time. Cover and refrigerate mix overnight before using for best results. Please note that this is not an instant product.

Storage: Store powder in a cool, dry place to prolong shelf life. We do not recommend refrigerating or freezing dairy powders.

Hoosier Hill Farm brings the goodness of 100% real milk, butter, buttermilk, and cream to our best-selling range of dairy powders. Add wholesome flavor to your favorite baked goods, desserts, sauces, and seasonings straight from the shelf. Our Heavy Cream Powder, Buttermilk Powder, Cream Cheese Powder, and more, are the perfect additions to your pantry.

Ingredients: 100% Hormone-Free Whole Milk

Allergens: Contains milk. Packaged in a facility that processes dairy, soy, peanuts, and wheat products.

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