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Hoosier Hill Farm Textured Vegetable Protein, also called TVP, is a nutrient-rich soy protein product that’s a great alternative to meat in a variety of recipes. This meat alternative made from soybean flour is a great source of plant-based protein and fiber while being low in fat. TVP easily absorbs the flavors of marinades and sauces, so it’s a versatile ingredient that makes a great substitute for ground beef or ground turkey. You can also add TVP directly to your meatloaf, burgers, stews, and soups for extra protein. Unlike many meat alternatives available in grocery stores, textured vegetable protein is shelf-stable and requires no refrigeration or freezing. Add this versatile, plant-based protein to your pantry shelf!

How to Prepare Textured Vegetable Protein: To rehydrate textured vegetable protein, add 1 cup of dry TVP to a medium bowl and cover with 1 cup of hot water or vegetable stock. Let stand for 5-10 minutes, until the crumbles are tender, and drain any remaining liquid using a slotted spoon or a sieve. This method works great when making tacos, sloppy joes, and stir-fries.

TVP can also be added directly to soup, chili, stew, or bolognese sauces without rehydrating. You may need to add more broth or water to these recipes, as TVP will absorb liquid as it cooks.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. We do not recommend refrigerating or freezing TVP.

Ingredients: Defatted Soy Flour

Allergens: Contains Soy. Packaged in a facility that processes dairy, soy, peanuts, and wheat products.

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