Breakfast Blend Coffee (32oz Bag)


Medium Roast


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Product Information

Hoosier Hill Farm Breakfast Blend coffee is a bright and smooth medium roast coffee. Our Breakfast Blend is a low-acidity, medium-bodied roast with a well-rounded, sweet and mellow flavor. It’s made from 100% Arabica beans, roasted to perfection for the perfect cup every time. Wake up to wholesome when you brew a pot of Hoosier Hill Farm Breakfast Blend coffee to start your day.


What is a Breakfast Blend coffee? Breakfast blend coffees are light to medium roasts with a balanced flavor. The flavor is brighter and more floral than dark roast coffees, but less acidic and more mellow than light roast coffees. Roasting coffee beans at a medium temperature results in brewed coffee that showcases the unique and subtle flavors of the beans themselves. Breakfast blend coffees also have a higher caffeine content than dark roasts.

Hoosier Hill Farm Breakfast Blend Coffee

Coffee Origins – Brazil, Columbia, and Central America

100% Arabica Beans

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